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ILS Partners

Names You Recognize and Respect

Altman Stage Lighting
Lighting Fixtures for Stage, Television & Film

American Grip
Grip & Gaffer Equipment for Video & Film

Studio & Location Lighting Fixtures

Studio Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Softbank Lighting Accessories

Denny Manufacturing
Backgrounds & Accessories for Still, Video & Film

Desisti Lighting
Studio & Location Lighting, Moving Lift Systems

Dove Systems
Dimming & Control Systems

Electronic Theatre Controls
Dimming & Control Systems, Par & Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixtures

Frezzi Energy Systems
ENG Lighting & Battery Power Systems

  Great American Market
Color and Diffusion Media and Special Effects

Integrated Lighting Systems
Suspension Systems, Grid Hardware, Power Distribution, Curtains & Curtain Track, Grip & Gaffer Equipment

Kino-Flo Fluorescent Lighting

KW/2 Lighting
Studio Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Portable ENG/EFP Fixtures & Lightweight Grip Accessories

Studio & Remote Lighting Fixtures

Matthews Studio Equipment
Grip & Gaffer Equipment for Video & Film

Studio & Location Lighting Fixtures

Pro-Cyc Hard Cycloramas

Rosco Laboratories
Stage & Studio Paints, Special Effects, Color & Diffusion Media

Strand Lighting
Studio & Location Lighting, Dimming & Control Systems

Westcott Photography
Backgrounds & Accessories for Still, Video & Film, Portable Gaffer & Lighting Accessories